St. Patrick’s Day Outfit and Gift Guide

St. P Day Collage

No. 1 Green Pants // No. 2 Green Eyeshadow // No. 3 Gold Skirt // No. 4 Gold and Green Mules // No. 5 Gold Sneakers //  No. 6 Green Dress // No. 7 Lucky Sweatshirt // No. 8 Olive Jeans // No. 9 Green Book // No. 10 Good as Gold Bracelet // No. 11 Clover Keychain // No. 12 Gold Boot // No. 13 Green Earrings // No. 14 Green Wrap Sweater // No. 15 Gold Eyeshadow // No. 16 Green Loafers

Every year when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, I find myself scrambling to pull together an outfit last minute to celebrate in. This holiday, style wise, is all about owning greens and golds. Admittedly, these are two color pallets my closet is not heavily stocked in. My goal with these outfit options I sought out above was to find pieces that embody the feel of St. Patrick’s Day, but can also be incorporated into your wardrobe for everyday wear.

Some of the smaller options, such as the clover keychain and green coffee table book also make for great gifts to bring a hostess if you are attending a party to celebrate the occasion.

Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day and may the day bring you endless amounts of luck and good fortune!

Xo, Kait




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