Apartment Tour

Hello there!

I get so many questions regarding my apartment decor that I figured it was time to do a full-blown apartment tour with shoppable links when possible.

A little bit of background information:

In 2016, I transferred out of my small college in NY to a much larger university in MI (Michigan State University.) I knew I needed to experience college at a larger university and throw myself out of my comfort zone, hence my transfer.

When looking for housing I stumbled upon an apartment complex that was being built right across from campus. I went in blind for a roommate and ended up meeting my best friend right away before classes had even begun (shout out to Grace- hi Grace!)

Our unit features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, a living room, a balcony, and an in unit washer and dryer. In this post, I will be showing the living room as well as my bedroom and bathroom.



When you first walk through the door of our apartment you will see the huge bulletin board we have hanging. On it, we tack up pictures, as well as business cards we have collected from restaurants, clothing stores, etc. that we love.


Grace, being the artistic person that she is, painted us a large canvas to hang in our kitchen. It acts as a statement piece filling up a majority of the wall above our bar.


Our living room came partially furnished so we didn’t have much creative input when it came to the couch, chair, coffee table, and TV stand. However, we made sure to make each piece our own by accessorizing the furniture to match our personal style.



Links to exact or similar items in our living room:

Off of the living room we have a small balcony overlooking Grand River Ave. We love getting to have coffee out here and people watch from above during the seasons that allow this. (Currently our balcony is covered in a foot of snow, welcome to winter in Michigan.)


I love coming home to my bedroom after class. My goal with this room was to create a space that was calming and inviting to escape the craziness that surrounds my life here at school.


Links to exact or similar items in my bedroom:

Grace and I each having our own bathroom in our apartment is such a nice perk. My bathroom while small, is a restful little space full of tranquil blues. My favorite piece in this room is my makeup chair that makes 7 am wakeup calls a little easier knowing I can sit while getting ready. Almost everything you see in my bathroom was found from HomeGoods.


Links to exact or similar items in my bathroom:

Let me know if I missed anything and feel free to reach out with any questions you guys may have!
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